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Welcome to Island Insurance Services...

Trusted Choice Insurance Ft. Myers

We are knowledgable insurance professionals who act on your behalf to find reliable, cost-effective insurance coverage and our agents represent more than twenty-five years serving Ft. Myers and surrounding areas. Wouldn't you rather work with an insurance agency that understands the unique needs of Southwest Floridians?

At Island Insurance Services we know how difficult it can be to find affordable insurance coverage andwe take it upon ourselves to do the work for you. Our focus is to help you reach your goals with regard to cost and coverage, and we are well-equipped to do just that. We have spent years cultivating strong working relationships with the insurance companies and we can put those relationships to work foryou. So relax, buying insurance doesn't have to be a 'you against the world' experience. Put your trust in an agency that understands your goals and hasthe knowledge and experience to help you achieve them.

A Trusted Choice® Agency

Island Insurance Services is a recognized Trusted Choice® agency because our commitment to unprecedented customer service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. That commitment extends far beyond the mere placement of your policy. Our aim is to establish long-term working relationships with our clients by providing dedicated and experienced agents who share with you a common goal, the successful management of your insurance needs.

Finding the most cost-effective insurance coverage

As a Trusted Choice® independent agency our access to multiple providers enables us to offer our clients competitive pricing and a broad selection of products. Why is competition important? Because insurance providers should compete for your business, and competition can lead to lower premiums. Why spend your valuable time trying to find cost-effective coverage when you can have a trusted industry insider do it for you?

Making certain that you are properly insured

Deciding on the types and degree of coverage you require can be a daunting and time consuming task. Our experience and multiple-provider relationships allow us to customize your policy to suit your needs. Island Insurance Services will work with you to identify what coverages and policy options are right for you, your family, your business, or your community association. Contact an agent today for a free consultation.

Providing dedicated claims advocacy

Having insurance is one thing, being assured is better still. When disaster strikes it is never easy and at Island Insurance Services we understand that it is our responsibility, not only to submit your claim, but to advocate its resolution throughout the claims process. Remember, we are here to help and we work diligently to resolve all claims quickly and satisfactorily.

Island Insurance Services is a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency dedicated to providing unprecedented customer service. With nearly a century of combined industry experience, our agents understand the value of strong customer relations and deliver world-class service on every contact. Our goal is to help you reach your goals through communication, education, administration, and support. Our experience and multi-line accessibilty allow us to offer highly competitive pricing and a huge variety of coverage options. From community associations and contractors to personal policies for you and your family, Island Insurance Services can assist you in finding the coverages that you require. Contact an agent today and let us show you what customer service is all about.

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Hints For Condo/Homeowner's Associations

Actively Manage Your Insurance Program. Managing your associations insurance program should be a priority obligation for your board of directors, especially since such a large portion of monthly dues goes toward insurance premiums. Failure to do so could be construed as fiduciary neglect.

Be sure your coverage is adequate. There are regulations which spell out the amount and types of coverage required for Condo/Homeowner's Associations. The minimum requirement for liability coverage is $1,000,000 - not very much in today's litigious society. Therefore, an Umbrella, which is additional liability purchased at a much lower premium, is extremely important in the case of a large claim against the Association.

Review the amounts of your deductibles. Consider changing your deductibles bearing in mind that while higher deductibles may lower your premiums, they will also increase your out-of-pocket exposure.

Ordinance or Law Coverage. This is important coverage, especially for buildings completed prior to 2001. This additional coverage can help pay for increased costs associated with bringing older developments up to current building codes.

Worker's Compensation Coverage is sometimes overlooked because most associations do not have paid employees. However, thispolicy will cover the Association if a hired contractor fails to maintain proper coverage for his workers. Of course, the Association has a duty toobtain proof of coverage for every contracted company before any work can begin.

Want a better understanding of Worker's Compensation Insurance and how itbenefits you and your employees? Visit The Hartford's Worker's Compensation E-Learning Guide.

Risk management is problem prevention. Boards should be proactive in mitigating any risks. Your insurance agent can help you identify exposures and find ways to reduce premiums.

Host Liquor Liability Clause. Is the Association responsible for damages or injuries incurred during a party at which liquor is served? If the Association is sponsoring a party for its members, the Association has coverage under the master General Liability Policy and 'host liquor liability clause'. If the 'Clubhouse' is rented to a unit owner for a personal party, then the unit owner must endorse their Homeowner's Policy for a special event and provide the Association with proof of coverage.

Hints For Contractors And Developers

Be aware of exclusions. All insurance policies have exclusions. Be certain that you understand all exclusions noted in your policies, as they can significantly effect your coverages. For instance, most claims against developers and general contractors are made after the work is performed, often years after completion. If you change or renew your general liability coverage and it has a 'Prior Acts' exclusion, work you performed prior to the policy's effective date will not be covered. There are many different types of exclusions and your agent can help you to understand how they can affect your business.

Review your coverage on a regular basis. It is recommended that contractors and developers review their insurance policies on an annual basis if not per project basis. Changes in coverage requirements, types of services offered, and levels of exposure can change as your company grows and it is imperative that your insurance coverage reflect these changes.

Be mindful of sub-contractor coverages. Require that all sub-contractors provide you with Certificates of Insurance prior to retaining their services and make certain that their coverage is at least as good as yours. A sub-contractor without adequate coverage exposes your company to unnecessary risk.

Insure your tools and equipment. Be aware that your property insurance policy may be limited to specific locations, such as your home or place of business. If you own tools and equipment that are moved between job sites, consider adding an Equipment Floater to your policy to protect these assets.

Assess your exposure on each and every project. Different builders, developers, and contracting agencies have varied policies with regard to the amount of risk they are willing to assume. As a contractor or developer it is vital that you understand what risks you are assuming when taking on a given project. For instance, who will be responsible for insuring the structure as it is being built? Or for replacement costs of building materials left on site?

Hints For Business Owners

Want a better understanding of Worker's Compensation Insurance and how itbenefits you and your employees? Visit The Hartford's Worker's Compensation E-Learning Guide.

Talk to an agent and carefully assess your insurance needs before purchasing insurance. While it may sound like a 'no-brainer', many business owners fail to properly insure their business. It is important to consider all aspects of your business when placing a policy. For instance, will you employ workers? If so, you will need to purchase a Worker's Compensation Policy. If employees are expected to manage financial transactions you may want to consider bonding those employees. What liabilities might be associated with the products or services your company sells? Will you be sub-contracting work? Are there company vehicles to consider? Talking with an experienced insurance agent can help a great deal when considering what policies and coverages are right for your company.

Review your policies and coverages on a regular basis. It is recommended that business owners review their policies and coverages on an annual basis. Also, be certain to consider how changes your business undergoes can affect your insurance needs. Consult your insurance agent regarding any major changes your company is considering to determine how such changes might affect your coverage. These might include major purchases, new services offered, expansion, or significant changes in company policies.

Consider purchasing a Business Owner's Policy. A Business Owners Policy is a packaged insurance product which typically combines property and liability coverages in a single policy, and may be more cost-effective than purchasing separate coverages. Ask your insurance agent if this might be the case for your business.

Think in terms of mitigating risks and reducing exposure when developing company policy. Developing strong worker safety and employee training programs, for instance, can help reduce risk and improve productivity. Your policies regarding disaster preparedness, employment practices, and human resource intervention can also significantly reduce exposure for you and your enterprise.

Consider purchasing Business Interruption coverage. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to business interruptions and typically less able financially to absorb the losses interruptions can cause. A Business Interruption Policy can protect your businesses income should disaster strike and interrupt your daily operations.

Hints For Homeowner's

Don't confuse what you paid for your house with the cost to re-build. The land upon which your home is built is not covered under a Homeowner's Policy and its value should not be included in the replacement cost value.

Your deductible. Theoretically, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. However, one must calculate the savings in premium vs. the out-of pocket exposure to determine if a higher deductible is feasible. Bear in mind, coastal areas and barrier islands might require the insured to have two or three different policies for Wind/Hurricane and Flood; all of these will have separate deductibles.

Make your home more disaster-proof. Talk to your insurance agent to find out what steps you can take to make your home more resistant to natural disasters and how making such improvements can lower your premiums. Adding hurricane shutters or upgrading plumbing or electrical systems not only improves your home's resale value, but may lower your insurance premiums as well.

Review your homeowner's policy on a regular basis. We recommend a yearly review, especially if you have made any changes to the property or the ownership. You may want to increase values, change from rental to owner occupied, account for paying off your mortgage, etc. Every three years would be the maximum amount of time between reviews.

Hints For Drivers

How much is enough? State mandated minimum requirements are just that: minimum requirements. If you can afford to, increase your coverages to better protect yourself in the event of a serious accident. The more significant your assets or income, the more important the amount of coverage. Many insurers recommend coverages of $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident, and $50,000 property damage if you own significant assets, such as a home or business. You may also consider a personal liability umbrella, which can be issued in conjunction with your homeowner's policy.

Consider the cost of insurance when buying a car. It is important to take the cost of insurance into account when purchasing a new vehicle. Insurance costs can vary depending on the type of vehicle, standard and optional safety equipment, cost of repair or replacement, and a variety of other factors. In fact, even a vehicles propensity to theft can affect the cost of insuring it.

Seriously consider Uninsured Motorist Protection. This will protect you and your family in the case of an accident with a motorist who has no insurance to cover your injuries and/or damages. You should purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage in the same amounts as your primary coverage.

Get a copy of your driving record. Your driving record is a major factor in determining how much it will cost to insure the vehicles you drive. It is a good idea to obtain a copy of your driving record to insure there are no errors and to manage your expectations when shopping for coverage.

Insurance Documents Ft. Myers

Welcome to the developer's center. To access your online OCIP forms click the appropriate forms package below and select the desired form(s). Enter the information requested on the form, print and then sign. You can then fax the printed and signed forms to us at 239-472-3053 or scan and e-mail the signed form to:

Insurance Forms Ft. Myers
Insurance Forms Ft. Myers

In an effort to provide our clients with the best possible service and an accurate quote, we begin our relationship with a free consultation. It only takes a few minutes and allows us to gather all the information required to give you an accurate quote.


Choose the coverages that you are interested in from the list below, e-mail your contact information and an Island Insurance Services agent will promptly respond. Alternatively, you may use the form to the right or contact us directly at 1-866-356-6434.


To discuss your needs in person, visit our office at 703 Tarpon Bay Road - Sanibel Island, Fl. 33957. For your convenience, we will be happy to come to your place of business to discuss your coverage needs. Just indicate a time and place, it's that easy!


Commercial Coverage

  • Condo/Homeowner's Association Insurance
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  • Commercial Insurance
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  • Contractor/Developer Insurance
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Personal Coverage

  • Homeowner's Insurance
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  • Automobile Insurance
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  • Boat Insurance
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  • Motorcycle/ATV Insurance
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  • Health Insurance
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  • Life Insurance
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Other Coverages

If you are seeking coverages other than those listed, don't be discouraged. Island Insurance Servicescan accomodate all of your insurance needs. Click here for a free consultation orcall us toll free at 1-866-356-6434.

The staff at Island Insurance Services represents nearly a century of combined industry experience,with certifications ranging from healthcare to worker's compensation. Couple this depth of experience with our world-class service and you understandwhy Island Insurance Services is the 'go to' agency for contractors, developers, community associations, professionals andindividuals alike.

To e-mail a particular member of our staff simply 'click' on the appropriate image or call us toll free @ 1 (866) 356-6434. If you prefer, feel free to use the contact form to the right.

Insurance Sanibel
Mark O'Brien
Agency Principal
Sanibel/ Ft. Myers
Insurance Sanibel
Trish Barbone
Personal Lines
Sanibel/ Ft. Myers
Insurance Sanibel
Susan Barnes
Customer Service Representative
Sanibel/ Ft. Myers
Association Insurance Ft. Myers

The successful management of your community association's insurance program involves a great deal more than the mere placement of a policy. As a Trusted Choice®, multi-line, independent insurance agency Island Insurance Services offers a large selection of coverage options, competitive pricing, and unprecedented service. We work hard to establish a long-term working relationship with your association in an effort to help manage your insurance program more effectively. Our goal is to help you reach your goals through open communication, education, and administration.


Open communication is the key to our understanding of your community's needs and the goals of your association. Toward that end we provide the following services free of charge:

  • On-site initial consultation and policy review.
  • Quarterly policy reviews with Board of Directors.
  • Annual cost-analysis and budget forecasting consultation.
  • Annual resident/owner meeting.
  • Dedicated agent support. Your Island Insurance Services agent understands the importance of 'being there' when you need us.


The way we see it education is a two-way street. You educate us with regard to your community vision and association goals, and we educate you and your staff with regard to compliance, loss prevention, safety, coverage options, and cost savings opportunities through:

  • Initial consultation.
  • Policy reviews and cost-analysis.
  • Educational seminars.
  • Annual on-site loss prevention and safety reviews.
  • Property inspections to identify potential hazards and cost saving measures.
  • Dedicated agent support. When you have questions, your Island Insurance Services agent has answers.


The backbone of any business is sound management and proper administration. At Island Insurance Services we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional administrative support. This means that all of your file information is readily available, all correspondence is handled professionally and efficiently, and all of our clients recieve the same level of unprecedented service.

  • Courteous, professional service with every contact.
  • Secure electronic storage of all records pertaining to your policies and coverage.
  • Fast turn-around on endorsements, Certificates of Insurance, proposals, and changes in coverage.
  • Facilitation of renewal process.
  • Overall account responsibility.

Contact your Island Insurance Services Community Association specialist today!

Condo/Homeowner's Association Insurance: Helpful Hints.

Free consultation and policy review.

Commercial Insurance Ft. Myers

Owning your own business is the epitome ofthe American dream and protecting your business is of paramount importance. There are many types of coverage available for business owners with the three most prevalent being property, liability, and worker's compensation. As an employer you are required to carry worker's compensation insurance, and while property and liability protection are not always mandated, it makes good business sense to protect your assets with these coverages.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance covers medical costs and rehabilitation for employees injured on the job. It also covers lost wages and pays death benefits if the employee is killed in a work related accident. Worker's Compensation Insurance is mandatory in all 50 states.

Property Insurance

Property coverage protects your company's buildings and their contents (including other people's property brought into the building) against theft, fire and a variety of other perils. Typically, property insurance policies do not offer flood or earthquake coverage, and coverage for wind damage may be contingent upon the location of the structure. These additional coverages may be mandatory if your business is located in an area or region prone to such calamities. Contact an experienced agent to review your current coverage or place a new policy today.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers the cost of defending a business in lawsuits and pays for any damages resulting from a suit. Liability coverage also pays any medical costs incurred by individuals (other than employees) injured as a result of business operations.

Business Owner's Policies

A Business Owner's Policy, or BOP, is a packaged insurance product that combines both property and liability coverage in a single policy. Business Owner Policies are available to most small to medium sized businesses and are generally more affordable than purchasing seperate liability and property coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance

As a professional you are expected to exhibit a certain degree of skill within your area of expertise and to perform the services for which you were hired in accordance with the standards of your profession. If one fails to perform services at the expected skill level or below the professional standards of the field, they could be held liable for damages they cause to another business or individual. Professional liability insurance is a specialty insurance designed to protect the professional against financial damages incurred through lawsuits filed against them by their clients.

Making Sense Of It All

Coverage requirements and insurance needs vary from business to business. For instance, a home-based business will require different coverages than a business operating outside the home. Insurance carriers offer a variety of coverages to meet the neeeds of businesses large and small and Island Insurance Services can help you decide what types and degrees of coverage are best suited for you. Contact an agent today to discuss all of your insurance needs.


Commercial Insurance: Helpful Hints.

Free consultation and policy review.

Contractors Insurance Ft. Myers

As a contractor, builder or developer you assume a great deal of risk with every project you take on. The intricacies of any construction project are many and when one considers the number of workers, sub-contractors, and specialized systems involved, it is easy to see the value of insuring your work. At Island Insurance Services we understand the unique circumstances under which your business operates and we can help guide you through the intricacies of insuring your business. As a Trusted Choice®, independent agency we maintain working relationships with multiple insurance carriers, allowing us to offer competitive pricing on a variety of coverages.

Contractor's Insurance

Contractor's insurance protects the general contractor, builder/developer, and its employees and agents against lawsuits, liabilities, and other expenses resulting from a claim against the building or development. A contractor's policy insures you and your agents against claims for electrical failure, structural faults, plumbing, roofing and a variety of other potential problems. Before work can begin on any building project the contractor, builder or developer is required to secure insurance against such claims.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

If you employ workers to aid in your construction projects you are obligated to provide Worker's Compensation Insurance and, considering the sometimes dangerous nature of your work environment, it is money well-spent. Worker's Compensation Insurance covers medical costs and rehabilitation for employees injured on the job. It also covers lost wages and pays death benefits if the employee is killed in a work related accident. Worker's Compensation Insurance is mandatory coverage for employers in all 50 states.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If the vehicles you and your employees use on the job are owned by your business you will need commercial vehicle coverage. Even if you and your employees use the same vehicle for work and personal use, if it is owned by the business, it should be insured by the business. Though the major coverages are the same for personal and commercial vehicles, they do differ in many technical respects. Contact an agent today to determine if your vehicles are properly insured.

Free Policy Review

The insurance needs for the construction industry professional vary and some coverages may not apply to a given contractor. Let an experienced agent at Island Insurance Services review your current policy or help you place a new one.


Contractor/Developer Insurance: Helpful Hints.

Free consultation and policy review.


From seaplanes and puddle-jumpers to helicopters and business jets, Island Insurance Services can help you find coverage for nearly any model of aircraft. As a Trusted Choice®, multi-line agency we have access to several major aviation underwriters and can quickly tailor an affordable policy to meet your needs.


Florida Hangar Insurance Program

The Florida Hangar Insurance Program is the program of choice for those seeking Airport Property Insurance, with commercial and fixed-base operators policies as well as coverage for private Hangars and municipalities. Island Insurance Services agents have years of experience working with the program and can help you get the cost-effective coverage you need. Call us today at 1-866-356-6434 to discuss all of your aviation insurance needs.

Homeowners Insurance Ft. Myers

Your home is likely one of your largest investments and most valuable assets. It is vital that you protect your home with quality homeowner's insurance. In fact, your homeowner's policy is one of the most important in your insurance portfolio.


Determining the amount and types of coverage that you require can be an arduous and time consuming task. Coverage needs vary depending on location, type of dwelling, mortgage holder and a variety of other criteria. In addition, insurance providers offer a huge variety of coverage options to supplement your homeowner's policy.


Making Sense Of It All

At Island Insurance Services our experienced agents can help guide you through the labyrinth of options, coverages, and requirements. We can help you understand the differences between replacement cost and actual cash value, explain the value of umbrellas, personal property floaters, and endorsements. In other words, we can help you make sense of your homeowner's policy so that you can go about the business of enjoying your home. For answers to some frequently asked questions visit our Helpful Hints page or speak directly with an agent free of charge.


Policy Reviews

It is recommended that current policyholders review their homeowner policy at least every three years. Needs change, markets change and coverages change. Keeping your policy up-to-date assures that there will be no surprises should you need to file a claim. Contact one of our agents today for a free consultation or policy review.


Homeowner's Insurance: Helpful Hints.

Free consultation and policy review.

Auto Insurance Ft. Myers


Consider this:

  • Some six million auto accidents occur in the U.S. every year resulting in one death every 12 minutes.

  • Someone is injured in a car crash every 14 seconds and nearly two million of those injured suffer permanent damage.

  • A motor vehicle is stolen every 26 seconds in the United States.

  • Auto accidents cost Americans over 160 billion dollars annually.

These sobering statistics are the facts behind legislation which requires Americans to insure their vehicles. The amount and types of coverage required varies by state and is dependent upon several factors. Our experienced staff can help you find an affordable policy that meets all of your insurance needs.

Your auto insurance policy is typically a combination of several primary coverages designed to insure you against repair and medical costs should you be involved in an accident. It is also your safegaurd against economic hardship should you cause an accident in which another individual suffers damages or other injury. The cost of automobile insurance can vary greatly depending on one's driving record, amount of deductible, amount and type of coverage, and optional coverages desired. Also, many providers offer discounts to individuals meeting certain criteria. Our trained agents will be happy to reveiw your current policy with you to make certain that you are receiving proper coverage and enjoying any and all discounts to which you are entitled.

Liability Insurance

While your automobile may be valuable, it is likely not the greatest asset on your balance sheet; without proper coverage it could easily become your greatest liability. The laws that pertain to automobile coverage vary by state, yet all states require motor vehicle owners to carry liability insurance. Liability coverage can insure you against property damages incurred by other parties, and for bodily injury or death resulting from your negligent operation or ownership of the vehicle. Again, our experienced agents can assist you in meeting both your coverage requirements and cost objectives when placing a new policy. We will also be happy to review your current policy with you to assure that your coverage falls within the legal guidelines for your state. You can arrange a free consultation or policy review here.

Optional Coverage

Insurance providers offer a variety of coverage options at additional cost; Uninsured Motorist, Collision, Comprehensive, etc. Take the time to speak with one of our agents to reveiw the many available options and to assure that you are getting the coverage you require.

Other Coverages

Island Insurance Services can also help you find affordable coverage for your motorcycle, ATV, or recreational vehicle. Take a few minutes to contact one of our experienced agents for a quote.


Auto Insurance: Helpful Hints.

Free consultation and policy review.


Some prefer inland waters, some the great expanse of the open ocean. Some thrill to the wind filling their sails, others to the power of twin outboards. Regardless of your boating preferences Island Insurance Services can help you find the right insurance coverage to meet your needs.

For many of us our boat is a valuable asset and represents a substantial investment, failing to insure your watercraft leaves you and your investment unprotected. A boat policy can protect your boat against damages incurred in an accident, against vandalism, collisions and sinking. Most policies cover physical damage to the hull, sails, machinery, on-board electronics, and even the boat trailer. The types and amount of coverage depend upon the specific policy you choose. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what policy options are right for you and your particular watercraft.


Liability Insurance

Let's face it accidents happen, and an accident with injury can quickly turn your pride and joy into a huge liability. Boating accidents are not uncommon and it is important that your insurance policy covers you for damages your boat may cause. Your boat policy can insure you against damages sustained by other watercraft or docks, and for bodily injury or death resulting from your negligent operation or ownership of the boat. Again, our experienced agents can assist you in meeting both your coverage and cost objectives when placing a new policy. We will also be happy to review your current policy with you to assure that your coverage suits your needs. You can arrange a free consultation or policy review here.

Optional Coverage

Insurance providers offer a variety of coverage options, allowing you to customize your policy to suit your particular needs. These are optional coverages provided to the consumer at additional cost. Take the time to speak with one of our agents to reveiw the many available options and to assure that you are not paying for any unnecessary coverage.


Other Coverages

Island Insurance Services can also help you find affordable coverage for your personal watercraft. Contact one of our agents today to discuss your insurance needs.

Medical Insurance Ft. Myers

While some have free comprehensive health insurance provided through their employer, the vast majority of us are not so fortunate. For those who do not receive health benefits through their employer or need supplemental coverage for themselves or family members, wading through the flood of available health plans and coverage options can be a monumental challenge.

There are a variety of plans available for those seeking health insurance. There are plans for individuals, joint plans for you and your significant other, supplemental health coverage, and plans that provide for the entire family.


Getting The Right Coverage

As is the case with all insurance policies some plans are more comprehensive than others. It is important to understand what services are covered and also any services which are excluded in any given plan. For instance, there are basic medical plans and there are plans which allow you to add dental and vision coverage. There are also high deductible plans for catastrophic coverage only. Take the time to consider what types of coverage are important to you before placing a policy. Our experienced agents will be happy to explain the many available options and tailor a plan to meet your needs and cost objectives. Contact an Island Insurance Services agent today.

Health Care Reform And You

New health care reforms, soon to go into effect, will have tremendous influence on health care coverage requirements for all Americans and could effect your current coverage. Our professional staff can review your current policy to insure that you continue to get the coverage you require.

Life Insurance Ft. Myers

If you're like the vast majority of us you have a homeowner's policy, an auto policy, health insurance, etc. Like the majority of people you insure those items that are of value to you and your family. Why on Earth would you fail to insure yourself?

While the value your life represents may seem impossible to put a number to, your life is far and away your greatest asset. Even more importantly, you are your family's greatest asset. Where would they be without you?

Every dollar you earn, every investment you make to insure you and your loved ones contributes to the stability and sense of security that your family enjoys. A life insurance policy helps to insure that your family will remain financially stable should something happen to you. No amount of life insurance can replace you. You are priceless. What a quality life insurance policy can do is provide financial security and stability for your family when they need it most. Life insurance will also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you can continue to provide for your family even after you're gone. Contact an agent and purchase some peace of mind today.

In an effort to provide our clients with the best possible service and an accurate quote we begin our relationship with a free consultation and current policy review. We provide this service free of charge because we feel it is important that you understand all aspects of your current policy; it does not matter whether it was placed through our agency or not. The goal of the consultation is to insure that you are not only properly insured, but that your insurance dollars are being well-spent. Let us review your current policy. What have you got to lose?

Below are just a few of the questions a free policy review can answer for you:

  • Does your current policy meet federal, state, and lien-holder guidelines?
  • Are your deductibles in-line with your coverage and financial goals?
  • Are you paying for outdated or unnecessary coverage?
  • Are you eligible for discounts not reflected in your current policy?
  • And finally, can we, through our experience and multi-line accessibility negotiate a more cost-effective policy for you, your family, your business, or your community association?

Contact an agent today for your free consultation or current policy review.


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